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Malti Poo Info

MaltiPoos or Malti Poos are a cross of a Maltese and a Toy Poodle. They come in all colors, but usually are white, cream, black, black and white or gold and white.
Any color can be diluted with a dominate white gene, which the Maltese are only white. Poodles come in every color whether solid or parti ( that is spots or breaks of color with white separating the color.) Maltese have hair and so do Poodles. So the MaltiPoo is non-shedding with hair as opposed to fur which sheds. The coat texture can be more curly like the Poodle, straighter like the Maltese or somewhere in between with a beautiful wave to the coat. This breed does need grooming because their hair will continue to grow as long as you let it grow. The hair needs to be combed daily to avoid tangles.
Grooming should be about every 4-6 weeks.

The MaltiPoo averages in weight from 4-8 pounds.  The Maltese is a toy breed, so a Toy Poodle, (not a miniature Poodle which is larger) should be bred with the Maltese.

The MaltiPoo has a sweet temperament, loves attention and is small enough to travel with you.

The average life span is 17 years offering the MaltiPoo years of love and enjoyment to share with their human companions.


Malti Tzu Info

Malti Tzu are a cross of the Maltese and Shih Tzu and are my personal favorite cross-breed. The temperament can be summed up in my terms as “ Happy with Life”, making the Malti Tzu a delightful companion dog. Who could use an attitude like that around? The Malti Tzu have a straight coat as opposed to the curl or wave in the Malti Poo. Maltese are only white, but the Shih Tzu, like the Poodle come in every color- solid or parti. Parti is any color separated with enough distinctive white between the colors. You can see the Malti Tzu in any color combination. Both the Maltese and Shih Tzu are toy breeds, but the Shih Tzu has a thicker and denser bone structure and the shorter nose. With the cross you can have a little thicker bone structure but not as stout as the Shih Tzu. Malti Tzu puppies have a round, doll baby look that stays with this breed into adulthood. You get rounder eyes, head and nose. The nose is not as short as the pure bred Shih Tzu. Average life span is 15-17 years.

The average weight varies from 8 to 10 pounds average.  You can have some that are 6 pounds and some that pick up more of the Shih Tzu size and bone density and can be up to 12 pounds average.  Just like in a human family, you can have size variations even in siblings or litter mates.

Grooming is required to maintain the non-shedding coat. The straight hair will grow to the ground if you let it. Combing should be done 2-3 times a week minimum to every day if needed. Grooming should be done monthly. The Malti Tzu are great with children and other animals. They are lighthearted and fun to play with, easy to travel with and still a lap baby if needed. Yet, they are not so co-dependent that they have to be held all the time.

The Malti Tzu is a dog that is secure in their fur ( actually hair ) and a pleasure to be with.

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