Our Puppies are more than Pets...

              They are Precious Pampered Companions!

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Our Magnificent Maltese Males

Poos4u Sir Adam is 5 1/2 lbs and has the sweetest personality. His puppies have been averaging 5 lbs.

Adam has a straight silky coat.


Galen has outstanding black points & great proportion.

Galen has a thick coat with a cotton texture. 


     all our Maltese are DNA tested & registered with the


Maltese are known as "The Diminutive Aristocrat" from author and A.K.C. judge Vicki Abbott. They love to run and play and are very good at agility competitions.  Maltese think they are big dogs when they are out in the yard. They can be very vocal or just lay in your lap and sleep.  They are a small dog ranging from the standard of 4 to 7 pounds.  They are not large boned but are not fragile like some other toy breeds.  They do like to be spoiled and think they are entitled, bringing into focus the aristocratic nature of this breed.  Maltese though hardy and playful are gentle in nature. They are always white and have hair not fur making them more desirable for being a non-shedding dog. Some books say the average life span is 15 years, but most people that have experience with the Maltese will say it is better put at 17+ years.  I personally know that The Countess Maki's last Maltese known as Dolly lived to be 21 years old.  I had the privilege of placing one of our puppies with her this last year. Maltese are very loving and loyal and are a breed that do well with children, as well as with other dogs. They do require faithful grooming.  They love the attention so bathing and grooming are generally enjoyed by the Maltese. These are just some notes to inform you why they are one of the most popular dog breeds of today.  TIP:  I use PROCLAIM  Spray on Glosser after bathing our Maltese to help detangle and also lightly mist them before any brushing.  It has a very pleasant scent and can be purchase at any beauty supply company like Sally's Beauty Supply.