How to Name your Puppy

1. A favorite website I look up names on is

a. You can look up male or female names

b. You can choose what letter the name begins with or a letter in the name

c. You can also go by origin and meanings

2. A neat way to name you puppy is how alot of show people do in Europe. Take a letter or letters from each of the parents names and incorporate those into the puppy’s name, for example:

Sire: Tiny & Dam: Allie = Puppy: Tilly

The T, i & y from Tiny

The l,l & i from Allie

Sire: Shakespeare & Dam: Dixie = Puppy: Daisy

The s & a from Shakespeare

The D & i from Dixie

You get the idea. Now have some fun and get creative with those puppy names.

*** For you avid knitters out there there now is a book out that has knitwear for dogs…***

Puppy Knits by Jil Eaton

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