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I have been grooming for 11 years now.

LattegroomI groom small and toy breeds. Grooming is by appointment. I do not tether your dog for grooming unless absolutely necessary for safety. They are not caged at all. They are hand blown dry and hand held. Each dog is groomed individually to your liking using trimmers and scissors. When you schedule an appointment for your dog it is at that time when I groom them. Most groomings are done in 1-2 hours. If you need to drop them off and pick them up later that is fine also.

Most toy breed groomings are $35.00 – $40.00

This is for toy breeds under 20 lbs

Severly matted coats will be extra

CuddlesA grooming includes bathing, conditioning, detangling with the blow drying, nail trim, shaving pads and private areas, plucking ear hair, cleaning ears and shaping or cutting back coat.

before grooming1 (Small)before grooming face (Small) belore grooming2 (Small)

Before grooming

during grooming1 (Small) during grooming2 (Small)

During grooming

after grooming2 (Small) after grooming1 (Small)

After grooming

I can show groom your Shih Tzu and I love to do unique cuts for your Poodle.

Most of the time I can get even the worst tangles out of your beloved pet and salvage their coat. I have quite a few rescue disasters that have been brought to me needing help. I am tenacious enough to save some kind of coat and work some magic. I always want your dog to look beautiful and you to love how they look.


This is Gidget,a mix rescue that came into the vet’s office. The wonderful clients had rescued her and wanted her up to date on shots, checked out & HELP…GROOMED! We could not even get into her ears for the matting and could not get to her skin for a simple heartworm blood test. So, Gidget came to me to work some magic.


The Adorable Gidget after grooming. 3 1/2 hours later, dull scissors and dull trimmers and a 2 lb lighter, cleaner & happier Miss Gidget. She comes to see me for all her grooming needs.

* For tangles and mats in your puppy’s coat we like to use Proclaim, Spray on Glosser.


It does not leave the coat greasy and has a very pleasant scent. See the photos below of a male Yorkie I got that everyone thought his hair would have to be shaved off. I will not groom without Proclaim, Spray on Glosser. You can get it at Sally’s Beauty Supply. This product can work miracles. I have tried dozens of products, including all the show products. I have even used one product on one side and Proclaim on the other side. Proclaim out does any thing else I have tried.

ViviCam 3765

Miles before, his entire coat was like this when we got him

ViviCam 3765

Miles after using Proclaim

* My favorite product to use for tear staining is good old fashioned Corn Starch. That is correct. The same kind you get at the grocery store to thicken sauces and make gravy. I apply it dry and brush it in. It helps to absorb the moisture from the tearing as well. I don’t really like to use chemicals around our young puppies eyes. There are several products out there to remove staining on a daily basis like Eye Envy. Most of these can be purchased with wet cloths in the solution to make application easier. For more detailed information go to my page tear staining

* If you want to get your puppy use to getting brushed, then keep a brush or comb on the coffee table for when you are sitting down and watching television. As your puppy is relaxing with you start combing through their hair. If they are fussy, then just comb through their coat a few times and don’t stress them. In no time at all your puppy will associate getting combed or brushed along with getting love and attention. This you want to start with right away while your puppy has a short coat of hair, so that as it gets longer and needs brushing they will already be use to it and actually enjoy getting brushed.

* Dewclaws. Don’t forget to keep front and on some dogs they have back dewclaws clipped. If you don’t keep dewclaws trimmed back they can grow back into the paw and create an abscess. They also can get long hair wrapped around them. So part of your grooming should be to inspect and trim if needed the dewclaws on your dog.

* For teething we purchase rabbit wood chews. They are fruit flavored and small enough for toy breed puppies. They are safe to chew on and deter your puppy from chewing on furniture. Our puppies just love them. They can be purchased in the bunny isle at most pet stores and at Wal-Mart. Another product I like is Petrodex Dental Chews. These are thin enough and can be broken in half for small puppies. Don’t forget that each dog gets their adult teeth at different times. Most of their teeth are replaced from 12 weeks to 6 months of age. Some lose their baby canines between 1 and 1 1/2 years old. So don’t be surprised if a well behaved dog starts chewing at a year old. Check and make sure hair is not wrapped around the baby teeth and adult teeth as they are coming in and going out. If there is swelling or an absess take them to the vet. They may have impacted teeth and need the vet to pull their baby teeth to help the adult teeth come in. Most Vets will suggest pulling any remaining baby teeth when you have your dog spayed or neutered. This is a good idea since they are already having surgery. You then only have 1 vet visit and 1 time under anesthesia.

* For cleaning the ears, a mixture of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water will simulate the ear fluid. The vinegar is antibacterial and antifungal. Just drop a few drops in each each and massage at the base of the ear and wipe any debris with a cotton swab. If you want alot of debris to clear the ear canal, then hydrogen peroxide will help break up and bubble out excess wax and debris.

Go to my ear cleaning page for a full recipe and instructions.

For ear infections and ear mites we really like Tresaderm from the vet. It works well, only has to be done once a day for a week and does not require flushing the ears each day. Once a day and not flushing the ears constantly makes your dog alot happier with you.

ViviCam 3765

showing grooming tips to Denise Mansfield on Colin