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We recommend a harness instead of a collar for your toy breed dog.  Collars can get caught on things and strangle your beloved pet. Collars, especially with tags attached can get caught on metal shelving, fences, magazine racks and a myriad of things around your home.  When walking, a collar can harm the trachea and even cause damage to the trachea that requires surgery.  Harnesses secure your pet without harm to the body.  A properly fitted harness can safely support your dog if you have to quickly pull them up.  For instance, when a larger dog is approaching, you can pull  your dog up into your arms without spending the time to bend down that could even put you in jeopardy.


Iíve seen and heard of too many cases where a small dog was stuck for extended lengths of time caught by their tags and collar.  Some survived, some did not and some would have to come into the vet to have cuts sutured closed from the gouges made by the metal hook attaching tags to their collar.  Take harnesses off after walks and outings.  Attach tags with a zip tie and cut off the excess to keep tags from daggling down and catching on hair or anything else. We recommendation harnesses instead of collars from years of experience as a breeder and vet tech wanting you and your pet to be safe and happy.