9-24-07 Basil & Sage got to spend 4 days with us this last week. They had a blast.

They played with everyone and dug in the dirt. Basil kept barking from time to time as if to say” Look at Me, Look at Me”. You could just tell how happy he was to be visiting and feeling like his normal healthy self again. The people that stole Basil are on trial in Port St. Joe, Fl. They have a new court date of 9-26-07. Pray for justice in this case. You will notice that Sage is in a shorter cut than usual. This has the boys with their hair at the same length. Basil is so full of energy and an exuberance for life. Sage still makes sure that Basil eats enough and the two are inseparable. Dogs are so resilient and forgiving. They most definitely live in the moment, which we as humans could learn a lot from this practice. Below is a candid photo of the boys, all dirty and digging in the yard with some of our other dogs. This was before getting groomed from the photo above. Basil is in the foreground and Sage in back. You can see the big hole they had fun digging. This is a designated digging spot we allow for the dogs. I am a firm believer in letting them play like dogs and enjoy life. They can always get a bath.

Life’s too short for them to stay pristine all the time, and besides….every dog knows life is messy, so you might as well have fun!

11-20-07 Basil now looks just like his last year photos on this page at Christmas. He and his brother Sage spent the day with us and got all groomed up for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

March 2008 For those of you following the Basil story know that there is still Justice in America. The man that was convicted for the theft, mistreatment and attempted killing of Basil by setting his home on fire is making restitution. He is having to pay in actual money restitution to Clay Keels for the abuse of Basil. Clay received his first check this month. The man is required as part of his community service to work with animals, possibly at local shelters or rescues. Another paws up for all those who helped bring this case to light and see it through to the courts for prosecution. God placed upon us the duty to be guardians of the animals and this earth. If we as humans do not guard and protect the animals, our wildlife and environment then there will be nothing left on this earth to sustain any of us

The only remimder of all that Basil went through is the now beige spot in the middle of his back. He never had this before. Clay says it just gives him character. We just thank the Lord for Basil’s return and his complete recovery. His abusers were charged and prosecuted. Basil is his fun loving and healthy self with a beautiful coat once again.

UPDATE 2012. due to personal issues from Clay, Basil & Sage came back to Poos4u we have had them neutered, blood tested and up on all their shots and were looking for the perfect family for these amazing Maltese brothers. Well in January 2013 the wonderful family of Edwin & Montana Thomas with their 3 children were sent to be blessed by Basil and Sage and make them part of their fantastic family. We are sad to see these boys that have been so much a part of Poos4u leave us, but are so happy for the Thomas family. A new happy beginning for the Spice Boys as they are so affectionately called. Below are recent photos of the boys and the Thomas family.

Sage on left & Basil on right, Halloween 2012

Basil in November 2012

Sage in November 2012

Basil & Sage with the Thomas family January 2013

They tell us the Love, Love, Love the Spice Boys and they are fantastic with the kids.

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